10 Best Web Hosting for WordPress

10 Best Web Hosting for WordPress

WordPress is a great choice to build your site. The next important step is to choose a host. There are ‘N’ number of web hosting platforms available today. 

Firstly, choosing an appropriate web hosting is crucial to maintain the health of your WordPress site. So, we have gone through all the hosts and ranked the best ten options available for WordPress that includes providers that WordPress itself recommends.

Three Critical Points to choose a Web host are :

  • Speed or Load time
  • Uptime, which must greater or equal to 99.93%
  • Customer Support to clarify your queries. 

We have gone through all the hosts and ranked the best ten options available for WordPress that includes providers that WordPress itself recommends. They are:

  1. Hostinger
  2. Bluehost
  3. Hostgator
  4. WP engine
  5. Siteground
  6. Kinsta
  7. Flywheel
  8. A2 hosting
  9. Greengeeks
  10. Site5



Hostinger is one of the cheapest WordPress hosting sites with great performance and best for a beginner. Last year, it”s average Uptime was at 99.96% and load time was 308 ms ranking next to Host gator and A2 Hosting.

Hostinger has data centers in the USA, Asia, and Europe. They also provide an option to change the data center through their support desk, once you have signed up. As they have a well-established support center that functions 24/7, you can chat to know about their services. In addition to these, they also have a big library of WordPress guides and tutorials.

They offer plans starting from 2.15$/month (48-month plan) and renewal costing around 3.50$/month. This plan includes unlimited bandwidth and 20GB of disk space. You can get a full refund upto 30 days from signing up , if you are not satisfied.

Though they provide only limited disk space, they are astounding at speed, site migration, cheap pricing. They give you an option to Install WordPress just on a click of a button.



Bluehost is one of the few web hosting sites that are officially recommended by the WordPress.org community. It has gained huge popularity among bloggers and small business owners using WordPress because of their cheap introductory prices and great performance.

In the last 12 months an average uptime of 99.98% and load time of 553ms has been noted.

Though they don’t provide you free migration with their cheapest plan, with their plus plan or above you can enjoy free migration. All the plans come with 24/7 customer support.

With 36 month plan, you get Bluehost for 2.75$/month and a free domain name with SSL for a year. Their renewal price is $7.99/month. Bluehost comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Hostgator is a proud hosting platform for more than 10 million domains which also specialized solutions for WordPress.

It is the best hosting solution for mobile users and the best option for Hig traffic websites as it provides faster loading time. The last 12-month average uptime is 99.97% and has an astounding load time of 284ms.

Best of all, their entire range of plans comes with unlimited bandwidth, storage, email accounts, and free site migration. It also has active customer support available 24/7.

Although their introductory prices are cheap, starting from $5.95/month (with a 36-month plan), their renewal fees are higher at $9.95/month. They also provide 45 days money-back guarantee. 

Therefore, Hostgator proves to be the best in all aspects except for the renewal fees.

WP Engine

WP Engine is the best for WordPress hosting. We would recommend this hosting as the most effective solution for pros. 

WP engine proves to be great for high traffic blogs or business. You can enjoy an uptime of 99.99% with load time around 580ms over 97% faster than other websites. 

WP engine ranks top in managed hosting and performance. It also has an excellent system of 24/7 Customer service. Its ticketing system is trackable, and its knowledge base is one of the best.

We wouldn’t suggest this for a beginner as the pricing is on the higher side. It costs around 30$/ month with a limit of 25K visitors a month and can host one 10GB site. The next plan is priced at 115$. They also give you a customizable plan option for a hefty amount.

Although they have great Uptime, load time, and customer service, their pricing is very high.

Site ground

Site ground is one of the most popular WordPress hosting services which is recommended by WordPress itself.

Only a very few hosting services enable you to change your data center locations. Like even from Europe to the USA. They also have satisfying customer support who are friendly and respond quickly to our questions.

It comes with an Uptime of 99.99% and a load time of 643ms. Siteground is considered to be slower in performance and higher in price when compared with Hostgator and Bluehost.

They provide you plans starting from 6.99$/month (12- month plan) and can be renewed at 14.99$/month. Site ground offers a 30 days money-back guarantee.


Being found in 2013, Kinsta offers managed WordPress hosting solutions for clients from 128 countries around the globe with the help of their 23 data centers.

Kinsta is a wonderful alternative for WP Engine as their pricing and plans are similar to that of the WP engine.

This hosting platform has an uptime of 99.99% and a load time of 480ms. In addition to that, they provide us active customer support with a good knowledge base. 

The advantages includes free migration, automatic daily backup, and an excellent dashboard to manage your site. 

Kinsta has 10 different hosting plans, starting at $30 per month up to $1,500 per month. In other words, we would say that it’s pretty expensive for a beginner.

Though it ranks top in performance, higher price, limited bandwidth, and limited storage makes it good to use only for professionals.


Flywheel is the best hosting solution in terms of providing its users with the best hosting plans and deals. It offers you the best WordPress hosting plan. You can also choose to customize plans to cater to your individual needs.

It is a secure platform with good customer support service. It also provides automatic updates and backup for your website. 

Flywheel comes with an uptime of 99.9% and load time is 631ms. So,the server response and uptime are great. 

Though Flywheel is priced lesser than WP Engine for a month, the basic plan starts from 23$/month with a limit of 25K visitors a month and can host one website. It also offers a single site plan with 5,000 monthly visitors and 5GB of disk space for $14/month. 

It also provides 14 days free trial pack which is a password-protected demo site to show your work before having to pay.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of low price hosting solutions for WordPress. Like many other hosters, A2 Hosting also provides options to change your server locations.

A2 Hosting is one of the fastest WordPress hostings providers at 303ms. It has an average uptime of 99.98%. Though not very fast, it has good 24/7 customer support. 

Plans start from as low as 2.99$(36-month plan) and can be renewed at 8.99$/ month. Additionally, gives you unlimited email accounts and website transfers with 100GB disk space.

A2 Hosting will be the best option for someone who owns many WordPress websites.


Greengeeks are environment-friendly hosting site for WordPress users as it’s fast and secure and comes with unlimited bandwidth, storage, and email accounts.

They perform with a reliable uptime of 99.95% and a good load time of 434 ms. The customer support system is quick, reliable, and accurate. They support us through live chat, email, and phone.

WordPress site transfers are free and you have an option to choose from different server locations between the USA, Canada, and Europe. 

Their cheapest plan starts from 2.95$/month and renews at 9.95$/month. They also provide you with a 30 days money-back guarantee if you have not opted for their free domain name offer. An amount of 13.95$ would be deducted if you opt-out from their hosting as a domain name registration fee.

Though it comes with a high renewal cost, performance is great.


Site5 is slightly an expensive WordPress hosting provider when compared to many other hosting providers listed above. They claim to be ‘the best’ option for designers and developers as they have a flexible control panel, good customer service, and stable hosting.

Though their hosting plans do not have an option to choose between data centers, they have a great uptime of 99.99% and an average speed of 556ms. The default location is set to the USA.

Their cheapest plan starts from 6.95$/ month (24-month plan) and renews at 8.95$/ month.

Site5 gives you 45 days money-back guarantee. High cost and no options to choose data centers are considered to be the backlogs when compared to many other hostings.

The bottom line

We recommend you to choose a hosting platform provider who can give you a minimum uptime of 99.95% and load time below 700ms.

We are personally interested in Hostinger, Bluehost, and Hostgator which offer great uptime, load time, and 24/7 active customer support.

You have great options to go with managed WordPress hosting which gives you premium features, speed, and security. It’s worth considering for you if you are building high-traffic websites.

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