10 Blogging Networks to work with the Best Brands

10 Blogging Networks to work with the Best Brands

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Being an Independent Blogger, if you have tried the best of everything from creating quality contents to optimizing them for SEO or Google. You have done a brilliant job! But Is that all you can do to make the money of your dreams? Definitely not. Let’s look into how to take your blogs to the next level. The two-word solution is the ‘Blogging Networks’. In short, It’s the people who excel in blogging skills who come together to uplift each other under a common banner. This blog explains and clarifies the details or doubts of Blogging Networks.

What are these Blogging Networks?

Blogging Networks

These are Network of Bloggers also known as Influencer Marketplaces. They serve as the Middleman/ Agency that helps connect the bloggers with brands and vice-versa.

These Networks work more like social media groups, where you can join and create your profile with some of the distinct details of you and your blog, its reach, what’s unique about your brand and stuff that you think, will attract the brands to pick you for their paid campaigns. However, different networks work in different ways, some allows you to apply and the brands get to choose. Yet the others let you do a direct pitch for a project.

How Blogging Networks can be helpful?

There are both personal and professional reasons why these blogging networks are helpful. Obviously, they have their own pros and cons, but as a dedicated blogger, it’s absolutely worth trying out, even if you’re a beginner.

Personally, Blogging can get lonely at times, as you live completely inside your head, ideating, creating and upskiling your own self. Your readers get to see only the final results. In that midst, having a group of like-minded people to talk about blogs and ideas are the cherry on top, eventually, you’ll be open to new perspectives and learning.

Professionally, irrespective of which stage of Blogging you are in, a beginner / an intermediate / an advanced blogger, joining these blogging networks has stuff that are worth giving a shot. An added advantage of these blogging networks are the chances of stepping on paid campaigns. Your chances of working with reputed brands are high when compared to doing a direct pitch to the brands as an individual blogger.

Talking about the cons, though not really evident in these blogging networks, they still exist. The two major concerns would be related to :

  • Pay : When working with brands on blogging networks, the pay scale is significantly less compared to working with the brands directly.
  • The Originality of the Content : The campaigns that are run by the brands, are usually focused on specific outcomes from the articles, you work for. Hence, there’s always a middleman involved in reviewing and suggesting changes in your work, which at times might affect the originality of the content.
Cons of blogging networks


The internet servers are buzzing with hundreds of blogging networks for all genre of bloggers. Here’s a list of handpicked Blogging Networks introduced to you to take you a step closer to work with the brand of your dreams. Before, landing on a blogging network, have yourself a clear objective and goal. This will help you choose the Blogging Network that convinces you the best.


socail fabric - blogging network

Social Fabric by Collective Bias is a one-stop community for bloggers and creators, who currently reside in U.S or Canada. Firstly, this blogging Network believes in the Authenticity of content. Secondly, you need to have an active Blog, created and being consistently posted for three months or more. The community is active to offer effective trainings on creating and landing on sponsored posts and campaigns.
Social Fabric as an Influencer Market serves the most and best for Food , Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers. They have a pre-set budget for the campaigns based on your reach. But, you can also find Campaigns that lets you decide on your own budget. Therefore, if you can create content based on your authentic experience, this blogging network is filled with diverse opportunities to work with top brands and connect to your audience.

ACTIVATE by Bloglovin

Activate by Bloglovin’ has been enhancing the connection between the bloggers, Creators and Brands since 2007. This Influencer Market is my personal favorite, as they believe in Collaborations than Campaigns. They power the interactions between the influencers and brands. This thought process have led them support a broader set of relationship. This platform has diverse set of opportunities from Social Media promotions to blog based Collaborations. Some budgets are set, while others allows you to set your own rate based on the Collaboration. If you have an active blog or a social media page, you can sign up for this community. Once the login and setup are done, you will be able to see the available opportunities and apply to the one that best interests you from their top brands.

Best brands to work - Activate by blogovin (Blogging network)


Linqia - Influencer marketplace

Linqia, this Influencer Market Network has worked with 600+ brands and over half a Million Influencers. The sole reason, that this platform is buzzing is because of their Pay Per Click Campaigns.
That is, your pay is decided by the number of clicks on the link by the audience, when the Campaign is active. If you exceed your campaign clicks, the higher your rate becomes for the upcoming ones. Linqia also has the fast payouts, they pay you in 10 days or less. They also believe in Performance Match Strategy, whereas an influencer you can apply for a Campaign. But, only after the team approves your application you’ll receive an email with the terms and conditions. You can choose from there if that matches your style and interest.


This Influencer Market/ Blogging Network serves by the saying “Content that inspires, Content that actually sells” . Tap Influence has been most brands favourite as this platform allows finding influencers to tracking the campaigns, all in one place. As an influencer you can opt-in to the TapInfluence network and become discoverable for the brands and agencies. From there you will be able to find your preferred campaigns and work on them. Also, this platform works on One-Stop payment system.


FOHR - Sign up as Influencer

The tagline of FOHR goes like,

“We are Fohr: a group of totally excellent people building better ways to work with influencers.”

True to these lines, FOHR is an industry leader of the Influencer Marketplace. As an influencer you get to own your FOHR profile page. This page is designed by their unique algorithm to make your profile, after verifying the authenticity of your social media handles and the following. This platform also supports knowledge sharing by conducting weekly show called ‘Drink with James’ and other influencer events. The community paves way for Collaboration and Cognitive learning.


A perfect Influencer Market platform for beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Brand Backer is a community over 30,000 influencers working with brands including L’oreal, Johnson & Johnson, HASK and many more.
Once you sign up, you will have your dashboard with the available opportunities. You can apply to the Campaigns you’re interested in. Your application will be processed, once the team reviews it. You can create content, get approval, publish it and get paid.


Clever - Influencer marketplace for micro influencers and nano influencers

Clever is the world’s first full-service influencer marketing agency. This platform has a managed network of influencer and creators. They focus primarily on micro-influencers and selected nano – influencers (Instagram Influencers with 1000 to 10,000 followers). If you’re a blogger or creator, focused on social betterment, Clever is the BEST platform to start your Campaigns network. They work with the values of Empowering Women and being Anti- Racist. You can join this community by filling in their application and following the email prompts.


Blog Her is an exclusive platform for Women Bloggers. This Influencer Market is powered by the ‘SHE Media’. They believe in ‘Women’s Collective Voices hold boundless power’. The Bloggers connected with this platform, speak more about having amazing co-workers and the sense of purpose and commitment. The opportunities are plenty and diverse with a decent pay scale in the industry. You can work from home as a contract influencer/blogger.


Acorn believes in ‘Influence with a personal touch’. Firstly, they connect influencers to leading national brands, if you have singed up and have applied for campaigns. Creating outstanding and authentic content along with driving genuine engagement with the audience will definitely take you heights with Acorn. They work with well known brands like Nickelodeon, SC Johnson, P&G, NBC Universal and so on. For beginners, the company has a diverse set of case study available on their website to understand how high quality contents are curated. The company works on certain values that has kept them growing along with their influencers.

Acorn - Influencer marketpace


Izea assures the creators with their promise of “You Bring the Passion, We’ll Bring the Brands”. The most interesting part of Izea is that they provide a platform for all kinds of creators ranging from influencers , bloggers, vloggers, podcastors and who not. Izea maintains two platforms : IZEAx (for influencers) and SHAKE ( for creators to sell or buy their content). They have partnerships with some leading brands of any specified industry. You can join their community of creators by signing up for an account with a free profile.

Izea for Influencers and creators

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