Well there is one major thing that made me start my Initiative!

Am I gonna say a Story? Yeah, I am, But it’s gonna be Fun & Interesting Guys!

This happened in early 2019, I was running a Dropshipping Store and that’s the time I started seeing some consistent sales! It was so simple guys. I listed a product on my Shopify Store, I paid a few Dollars to an Influencer, I made a few Hundred Dollars! It was that simple. Of course, I made a few research but it’s not tough though!

Then I thought about Why are people struggling to work on a job they don’t like for a few hundred dollars in monthly Income. Yeah, As I’m from India an average Income here is 300 – 500$

And I recognized that the Mistake is not theirs! It’s the society that made them think that a Job is the only way to make money!

So that’s when I decided to make a change and started a Youtube Channel in my local language (Tamil) and within 6 months we made it to more than 60K Subscribers

But I know there are millions of people facing the same problems who don’t know Tamil and that’s where www.dentrepreneur.in was created for people all around the world!


I am Deva, Creator of D Entrepreneur. I am an Online Marketer, YouTuber, and Investor.  I believe that passive income is one of the most needed skills to succeed in today’s economic environment. We provide people the needed Knowledge, Skills & Awareness to succeed, be financially independent, and make money work for them.