Blogging for Students – Why you should start Now?

Blogging for Students – Why you should start Now?

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Reasons why students should start Blogging (Benefits & Advantages)

Students don’t understand everything that the lecturer says. And they don’t have to. Because there will always be a point where they will have doubts and surf the internet to solve them. 

So, almost every student must have come across blogs and very well knows how they make up today’s internet.

Nearly 77% of the people who use the internet reads blogs.

If you ever thought of starting a blog as a student, start it without wasting another second.

This article will help you to understand why students should start blogging and the advantages of blogging as a student.

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Here are some of what we do in blogging and how it could benefit students,

Helps to find your Interest

Passion led us here - Image

The very first thing you will have to do before starting a blog is choosing your niche. Niche is the topic on which your blogs will focus. In other words, the blogs will be written about this niche.

No one will ever choose to write about something they are not passionate about. Even if they do, it won’t last unless they got interested in it on the go.

Every student will have their area of interest about which they can start blogging. Even if they don’t, they will search for it for the sake of selecting a niche, if they are starting a blog. Either way, choosing a niche will be helpful to figure out the interest.

Never-ending Learnings

Keep learning - Blogging

You cannot be a blogger unless you are a reader. The more content you consume, the more quality content you will produce.

Learning new things is a never-ending story in blogging, even though you are well versed in your niche. You have to keep on updating yourself in your area, which will be a great advantage.

For example, if you are a student with a technical background and you choose the same to be your niche, learning more of it not only helps you to publish great blogs but also makes you successful in your technical career, as you will know much about it at the end.

You will learn a lot.

Enhances your Writing Skills

fountain pen on black lined paper

You read, learned, and gained knowledge. Now it’s time to write it out.

In blogging, you have to convey your knowledge to the audience, which should be easy for them to understand. 

Remember, writing is also a part of communication skills.

Good command over language is necessary for a blogger, but it doesn’t mean you cannot make it otherwise. There are many tools, like Grammarly, to help you correct your grammatical errors while writing. Over time you can learn from your mistakes and become good at writing.

So, blogging enhances students writing as well as communication skills and helps them to boldly present their ideas.

Boosts Creativity

Person holding click pen - Creativity image Blogging

Over 600 million blogs are there in the world. As that’s a lot, the competition gets hard.

Even though you have tremendous knowledge of your niche and amazing writing skills, you will have to stand out from the millions of bloggers to be successful. 

The main thing here is, you cannot copy anybody out there because the internet can detect and stop ranking your content. This will teach them to come up with their content in their style.

Students will learn to work out their creative thinking to present what they want to convey uniquely.

Skills developed by learning SEO

SEO for blogging

A blogger has to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank their blog and generate more traffic. This helps in developing their other skills as well.

Not all the blogs you publish will win the audience. Some get more traffic and viewer engagement than others. You have to observe what works and not works with the audience by observing the data you have so far. Doing this will develop your analytical skill.

Once you analyze your data, you will understand what went wrong with the blogs that got fewer views than the other. Then you will think to sort out the problem. Here is where your critical thinking develops.

By thinking you will come up with several ideas, but you will choose the one which you think suits you the best. This is a clear development in your decision-making skill.

Not only these, eventually, you learn to be authentic, consistent, and so much more.

Make Money Blogging

green plant in clear glass vase

Every student will like to be independent and manage money.

Blogging not only enriches students with knowledge and skills but also paves a way for them to make money. It might not be a huge amount at the beginning but is decent enough to start earning. 

At some point, working on your blogging skills may also lead you to make more money out of it.

Learning and earning simultaneously through blogging is an undeniably good option for students.


If something benefits you in every aspect, what then should you be waiting for?

Learn. Be skilled. Earn.

Simply, start blogging!

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