Free Blogging Keyword Research Tools

Free Blogging Keyword Research Tools

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Choosing the right keywords is the first step to write a blog that generates more traffic. This is why keyword research is so important.

Maybe you just started your blogging career (or for some other reason), you don’t want to pay for keyword research or SEO tools. That is fine.

You can get your research works done with free keyword research tools available out there. And can switch to paid tools later on if you want.

Here are some free keyword research tools which you must try at least once and take your blogs to the right audience.

Google trends

Google Trends - Keyword research tool

It is a free keyword research tool by Google to explore data. It is used to know how much and how frequently people search for a specific keyword.

In the search bar, type a topic or a keyword. You will see a simple and comprehendible graph that shows people’s interest in that topic. The point where the graph rise would be the period when people search for it more and vice-versa.

You can filter the data you want with the given options above the graph. As you scroll a little down, you will see related queries that are being asked by the people more, which can also be used as keywords.

You can also compare multiple keywords here to see which is searched more. If the graph is constantly going upwards, it is a good sign to write about it.

Multiple Keyword research in Google trends

TIP: Avoid choosing the topics whose graph is temporally reaching the peak.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner

This is another free and effective tool by Google and that’s Google Keyword Planner.

Get into the google keyword planner and click on “Discover new keywords”

There are two ways to generate new keywords here. One is by using the keywords you have and the other is by using the website’s URLs.

Either you can generate new keyword ideas with the keyword or topic you have, or you can see the list of keywords that are used on the URL (website) you mentioned.

You can also see their average monthly searches and competition. That will help you to choose right.

Keyword Sheeter

Keyword Sheeter - Free Keyword research tool

This tool generates hundreds and hundreds of keyword ideas within less than a minute. This data is from google autocompletion, so it is obvious that this is what people are searching for.

You have to type some keywords you have and click on “Sheet Keywords”. It will start generating a huge list of ideas from which you can choose.

While the keywords are being generated you will see two filtering options below, called positive filter and negative filter. As the name suggests, the words you write in the positive filter will be included, and the words you write in the negative filter will be removed, from the generated new list of keywords. This will be very helpful to narrow down your search.


Soovle keyword research tool

Soovle is another free and one of the best keyword research tools available. It gives you the most typed keywords list in multiple search engines like Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, etc.,

Enter a keyword in the search bar located in the middle of the screen and click on “Soovle”.

You will see a list of keywords under each of the different search engine logos. Yeah, you get it all at once, and it’s simple.


Questiondb keyword tool

It is a very useful tool to know your audience’s questions. The data here are mainly collected from Reddit (a web content rating website, also a great discussion platform).

Enter your topic in the search bar and click “Generate”.

You will get a list of people’s questions related to that.

You can also use the drop-down menu button on the right side and select ‘Keywords’ if you want to see the keywords alone. Check or uncheck the given little box to see or hide the source link of the generated questions or keyword ideas.

WordStream – Free Keyword Research Tool

Wordstream Free keyword tool

This is also a cool and free keyword research tools available provided by WorldStream, supported by Google. The keywords you get here are from the search data of Google and Bing.

First, enter a keyword or any website’s URL. Then you can select the industry and the location from the drop-down menu (This is optional).

Now you will see your new keyword list with the search volume and competition in both Google and Bing separately.

Only the first twenty-five keywords will be listed there. You have to submit your Email id to receive the full list of keywords, and that is for free as well.



Ubersuggest will help you in today’s strong competition of SEO game in different aspects, let’s talk about its keyword tool for now.

Enter your domain or keyword in the search bar. Select ‘Keyword Ideas’ under ‘Keyword Analyser’from the tab on the left side.

You will then see the list of keywords with their search volume and SEO difficulty. Select the keywords you need.

Either export them to CSV or copy them to the clipboard. Try this tool to learn and utilize more of it.

keyword tool io

This is another tool to generate keyword ideas for free. Here you can also find keywords for other search engines.

Similar to other tools, enter your keyword and get a list of new keywords. Filter the list by pointing to a specific word from the drop-down menu.

The keywords you select will be placed in the tab on the right side, and you can export them once you are done with your selection.

Keyword Generator

keyword research tools by ahrefs

You can use this tool for free to get keyword ideas, but it’s not fully free. You will have to pay to use some other features of it.

Enter your keyword and select a country to start searching.

Your list of keyword ideas is ready. As you are using it for free, the keyword difficulty will be visible only for the first ten keywords.

To see the keyword difficulty of the remaining, it costs. But the free one is enough to get some new keyword ideas.

Answer The Public

Well, this is not free, but you can use the trial of it with certain limitations, every day. And still, get some useful ideas. The limitation is, you can only make three searches per day.

So, think well before you click the search bar.

Be specific about your topic.

You will get a wide range of questions asked by the people on that topic as a result. The data here are organized very well and are effective. Make use of it as much as you can.

Do thorough keyword research.

Choose the right keyword.

Let your blog reach your target audience!

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