List of Best Free Shopify Themes 2021

List of Best Free Shopify Themes 2021

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A New E-Commerce store doesn’t require advanced developers. E-Commerce platforms like Shopify are built-in with all facilities. All you have to do is to sign up for Shopify and choose a Shopify theme based on your requirements. Of course, premium themes do have their own advantages but the free themes combined with cool apps are great to make super cool sales.

Themes are responsible to cut down the designing time. But choosing the theme is really important because if you think of changing the theme once you have built your Shopify store then you’ll need to create the store from scratch again. Sounds terrible right? But don’t worry…

We have listed the best  FREE Shopify themes in this blog post, you can select your favorite one based on your requirements.


This is the theme I used when I started out my first dropshipping store. It is really a cool theme basically designed for apparel stores. It comes in two styles one is the classic other is playful. Playful is a kind of niche version of the classic which comes some bright colors. The header slideshow is what I really like in this theme, it allows you to showcase multiple products at the top of your store It has a slide-out cart feature that upgrades your customer shopping experience because they don’t have to click so many buttons to reach the checkout process. It is a responsive theme so it fits & loads very well both in mobile and PC. You also get a dynamic product grid that acts as a gallery for all your products.


This is another cool free theme that I personally love. You cannot find this in your Shopify themes section. It can be downloaded from third party developers. It works great on all kinds of stores either a general store or a niche store. The homepage slide option makes sure you can showcase your products. You can choose between full width and overflow sliders.

You also get a featured product carousel so that your customers can slide through your offers. The product page is really strong and appealing. They do have a product zoom option. It comes with many more features including Instagram Gallery Option so that you can get followers for your social media. Overall its a beautiful package you can use for your store.


It is an ideal theme if you have planned for a small catalog store. It comes in multiple styles and different color options. It is the best free theme available for selling one or two products.

The hero video feature comes with an autoplay function and a fullscreen button.

Another cool feature is they have a fixed navigation menu, it means that the menu pops up when someone scrolls the page so it shows the right buttons only when someone needs to go elsewhere.

It also comes with features like vertical slideshow, a wide layout version, and some cool features too. If you are planning for a small catalog then you should definitely try narrative.


The Debut theme looks almost like regular blogs and business websites. The header slideshow is designed for you to put your best product or about your company. The homepage slider also has video support. The theme is fully responsive like most of the themes. They do have a cool single featured product page designed to bring great exposure.

The theme also comes with a customer testimonial feature so that you can get your valuable customer’s reviews to pump other customers to buy from you.


Supply could be the best theme if you have large inventories. It allows you to upload more than 50 products and 5 collections.

It is made for people who are looking for a minimalist design. You can put several slideshow high-resolution images at the top of your page but it cannot contain clickable links or buttons and also it does not support video in a slideshow.

They do have a filtering option so that your customers will be able to filter based on the price/brand. This is a great feature as your store contains several products. You can even customize the filter option as per your requirements.

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