How to Create a BLOG that People actually Read!

How to Create a BLOG that People actually Read!

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Blogging has already now become a ‘Layman’s’ term and creating a blog that people actually read, is a simple magic if we know the right spell. There are tonnes of blog pages available on the internet, of which only a few have tremendous progress. Now if you are also a person who is wondering why your blog posts haven’t seen any progress in the past years, then we have got you covered ’cause you have landed in the right page now. Let’s know about everything that could spice up the progress of your blog site. So why wait, Let’s begin!!

This quest of sculpting an awesome blog post falls into four main parts. 

1.Create in!
2. Write up!
3. Brand it!
4. Earn out!


Creating a blog page requires four important steps, you have to cross!

1. The Topic you choose!

While creating a blog, topics may vary according to your niche, and there are no restrictions in choosing them, . But a smart suggestion would be to choose something that interests you, the most, rather than putting yourself into something unknown for sake of the existing trends. There’s completely no point in worrying about the current trends , if your topic doesn’t fit your interest.

The efforts you put in to brand your page will automatically bring your topic into the trending criteria. More about Branding in the third part!

2.Get a Domain Name!

A Domain name is your address on the internet. For example, is how a domain name looks like. This important aspect can be availed in an easier way too, you can get one for your blog pages via Bluehost.

 My personal recommendation would be to choose domain names with your own names as they give us a sense of owning an identity, for instance,

3.Hosting a Blog Page!

Hosting is important because it makes sure that people get to your site when they type your domain name on their browsers. So this is again not a tedious process to worry about. You can get your webpage hosted via Hostinger and you can also explore the other hosts for your blog pages.

4. Get ready with a Blogging Platform!

The next crucial step is to install a blogging platform, which allows you to design your blog page the way you want it to look like. You can install WordPress, like the fact said- 37% of the web pages are designed using WordPress. It is easy, handy and has some great inbuilt features. And now that you have successfully passed the first part, you are all set for the Write up process!
*Gif- gpay tick sign!*


Firstly, Write up is the most creative part when creating a blog. That is to say, It’s all up to you to design how your blog page needs to look.

Just in case, you need a heads up to start, here are a few tips, which you can run through!

  • A catchy headline
  • A good introduction
  • Use subheadings
  • Short paragraphs
  • Bullet points
  • Write like you talk
  • An easy read for the readers
  • Use visuals
  • Make it colourful

And to spice up your experience in creating a blog , you can use plugins. If you are not familiar on what plugins are about, they are just some programmed languages already set ready for you to add them in your blogs, certainly, they are like apps to add great features and functionality to your blog.

 There are a lot of plugins you can use for your blog pages, here are a few examples of plugins

For example,

These are available in the platform. So, it’s simple, you just have to select a plugin and activate it.

So now that you have set all these, let’s move on to the most important part- Branding!


Hurray! you are now all set for the branding strategies. As mentioned earlier, this is the area which decides if your blog page can stand out from those ‘N’ number of blog pages available on the internet.

“When you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant!”.

The four basic yet powerful strategies to start with creating a blog are, 

  • SEO
  • Guest blogging
  • Social media
  • Email Newsletter

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :

Though “Blogging” is already now a layman’s term, the tactics of creating a successful blog page is still something less familiar among the crowd.

So, what is our goal?

  We have to make sure that our blog pages appear just a click away from all the users of the internet. Yeah, you have to rank high on the first page of the search engine, so that you can easily strike the maximum viewers for your blog page. That’s a brief note about SEO.

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper!

So ,how does the internet rank the webpages? 

How does a particular webpage come in the top ranking when we ought to search stuffs on the internet? 

The magic lies in the “Keywords” that are used in those particular webpages. 

Yeah, “Keywords” are the key to success of a blog page because they play a major role in driving traffic to a specific URL.

Most importantly, you should know how to select the “right keywords” for your content. There are certain online tools that you can use to pick the right keywords, for instance,

  • SEMrush
  • Keyword planner
  • Ahrefs
  • Long tail Pro

The plan here is don’t stuff more keywords into your webpages, that may bring misfortunes to your blog site. So now you know the “target keywords”, all you got to do is use them smart in the headlines and content.

Guest Blogging

In addition, this is another strategy you can use to increase the traffic to your site. Here you are just going to publish your content on other websites, so that if a user gets attracted to the content you posted in an other website, the person might get back to your own blog page to know more about your works. 

So, this way, it benefits your page as well as the page you are guest posting your works.

To begin, all you have got to do is, find relevant sites to your niche/industry and then send your works to them and if it gets approved by them, you are all set for your guest posting! Here are some 100 sites for guest posting- 


Social Media

   Social media, is one of the most powerful medium that no one can deny, so all you got to do is promote your blog page among your friends circle and groups in every social media platform you are a part of.

Email Newsletter

         Wouldn’t that be great to communicate via emails about your content to all the viewers of your page and drive them back to your page multiple times. Of course, it would be.

Let me just enrich you with some basics in creating email newsletters!

  • Step 1- Get an Email marketing service provider! You can use Constant contact.
  • Step 2- Set up an email list in Constant contact.
  • Step 3- Add ‘sign up for newsletter forms’ in your website, you can use Optinmonster for this. You will start getting subscribers now.
  • Step 4- Create your own newsletter using the variety of templates available on Constant contact.
  • Step 5- Click ‘send’, so that your newsletter will reach to all your subscribers!

 Now that you have an idea about the branding stuff, let’s take a tour on how you can earn money using your blog pages


 There are so many methods in which you can earn money using a blog page, let me give you all a few basic ideas!

1.By showing ads on your blog- you can use the Google ad sense.
2.Affiliate marketing
3.Online stores

So yeah, now that you have accomplished all the four process in the right pace, spicing up the progress of your webpages is no more a far destiny!

Advance wishes!

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