How to Effectively Use YouTube Shorts

How to Effectively Use YouTube Shorts

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Do you just have a smartphone and still want to explore your connection with the new audience across the globe? You’re at the perfect spot. Before you express yourself through a 60 seconds or less videos, let’s get to know how to effectively use YouTube Shorts.

Yes, You heard me right. The global community of YouTube audience can be reached now, through YouTube Shorts. YouTube Shorts is another recent feature that helps anyone with a smartphone to connect with a new audience in the YouTube app. This new feature comes with a handy YouTube Shorts Creation tool that makes it easy for anyone to create an amazing 60 seconds or less video Clips. To say it in the creator’s words,

“As more people create and watch Shorts, we expect that our systems will get even better, improving our ability to help you discover new content, trends, and creators you’ll love.”

Let’s get to know the Creative features.

The Shorts Camera.

YouTube has made it super simple for all the creators out there by introducing the YouTube Shorts Camera. But where do you find this?

  • The Homepage of YouTube has a ‘+’ symbol in the bottom middle , hit it right away.
  • You’ll see an option ‘Create a Short’ , by Clicking it, you’ll have the access to the Shorts Camera.
  • Create an on spot video or you can upload an already captured video, by clicking the ‘Upload’ option.
how to effectively use YouTube Shorts

Music and sound: YouTube shorts has the feature to add a song of your choice or use any audio to create your video clip.

Text: Add in texts that appeal to your own short after recording the clip. Also, there’s a option to choose when the texts must appear and disappear.

Speed: Get creative in accelerating or slowing down your shorts video using the speed option.

Timer: You are Enough. Yes. Set the countdown and start a hands free recording when you’re ready and choose when the clip should stop automatically.

In addition to everything, to get the best shot at recognition, YouTube recommends the creators to use #Shorts in their clip’s title or description. It helps them get discovered and featured around the site.

Monetizing YouTube Shorts

Finally,there comes the critical question ” Can YouTube shorts be monetized?”

Sherman, the product lead of YouTube shorts says,

“Shorts is a new way to watch and create on YouTube, so we’re taking a fresh look at what it means to monetize Shorts and reward creators for their content.”

As we all know, the monetization of YouTube is majorly from the Ads. At this point in time, shorts are video clips of 60 seconds or less, where Ads are not served on them, hence the video clips will not generate YouTube Premium Subscription revenue. Also, these shorts do not contribute to YouTube’s Partner Program Eligibility. But if shorts are being watched from the video section of your channel page then ads are being displayed. However, the views on it can still contribute to the subscribers. That doesn’t mean, you can’t be creative to generate a small income.

A Pro-Tip here, effectively use these shorts as a sneak peek to your YouTube videos. Thereby, attracting an audience and generating revenue through conventional means.

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