How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

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“Just one click, To earn quick!!”

Hey!! Have you ever got to hear the verses of Sal Greco?!

Sal Greco, once said- “Work hard, Earn money, Have fun!!”

But today after you proceed reading this article, this is gonna be a revolutionary flip- “Have fun, Earn money and Work less!!”

Yeah, the fact been said, making money isn’t hard in itself. For those who are wondering if this is possible, I suggest you to proceed reading, so that you will with no doubt believe its stunningly possible.

   So, what are you gonna tell all your friends when they ask you “How did you earn so much?!”. Well, just tell them “It’s the magic of Affiliate Marketing!!”


So how are we gonna start?!

Well, all you need is a website or a blog of your own interest and a product to promote on your website. That’s all is needed for you to start this journey of effortless earning with Affiliate Marketing!

Now how does this MAGIC work?!

Affiliate Marketing is very simple… You just help somebody promote their product in your website! For instance, I already have a blog for my writings and what I do is I help debut authors promote their debut books. Now how do I do it? I just provide a link in my website which when clicked will take you to another website where the book can be viewed and bought. Now how do I earn from this? For every click of that link, the debut author pays me.  And that’s how you will start earning quick with just one click!

            Hey wait, it’s not done yet, in fact this is the major part in Affiliate Marketing everybody fails to know!!

     Yeah, as I told you guys, Affiliate Marketing is an effortless process, but it’s more like a strategy game! You have got to play it great, to earn effectively!!

      And before mastering the strategies in Affiliate Marketing, you should be knowing about the process in and out! Trust me, it’s not gonna be a tedious read out, I have simplified the best I can for you to just brush through it quick.

  Diving into the process of Affiliate Marketing!!

First of all, “A website for you”

     If you already have a website or a blog page, then it’s all fine and good! If not, you have got to create one. 

   I recommend you to use WordPress, its super easy to make a professional looking website in minutes.

Second of all and the most important of all, “The product you are gonna promote!”

  So, if you already have a website of your own interests, choose products related to your content.

You can also join Affiliate networks; these networks will help you connect with the merchants and give you better choices on what products to promote in your blog/website.

Here are some Affiliate networks I suggest for you,

  • ShareASale
  • Digistore24
  • ClickBank
  • Amazon Associates

The Monetizing magic in Affiliate Marketing!!

   There is more to the strategy of monetizing your website with Affiliate Marketing. So, for a beginner like you I am not gonna be stuffing more, just a few points you should be knowing are,

There are three ways you can earn money in Affiliate Marketing,

    PPC (Pay Per Click) – You get money, when the visitor of your website just clicks the link you have promoted on your page.

   PPS (Pay Per Sale)- You get money when the visitor of your website buys the product you have promoted on your page.

  PPL (Pay Per Lead)- You get money, when the visitor of your website provides his contact info in the merchant’s site you have promoted on your page.

   So, having told you about this, a few tips I will want you to follow is,

  • Add reviews and features near the link of the product you have promoted, so that your visitors will feel it reliable enough.
  • Be choosy about the products you are gonna promote, don’t stuff more in the website and look if it relates with the content of your webpage.
  • And, be sure that your content is good enough in attracting more visitors to your webpage.
  • Track your website performance regularly
  •   Connect with your viewers with great ease, ask yourself “Is my site easy to navigate?”, “Is my website as simple as it gets?”
  •   Ultimately, learn from your mistakes and don’t give up!  

    Now, that’s the heat a beginner should be bearing, but there is a lot to Affiliate Marketing!! With simple skills and a few strategies, earning money effortlessly will no more be a dream!!

Advance wishes!!

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