How to Promote Affiliate Links / Products?

How to Promote Affiliate Links / Products?

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With time affiliate links have become a great source of making money online. Bloggers and people who create content online can start making a high passive income by having affiliate links attached to their content. Affiliate programs have made around 15 percent of all the revenue generated by online platforms. Higher paying affiliate links can produce more revenue based on the platform used. It is also expected that by the end of 2021, it may grow up to 10 percent. 

But how can you use affiliate links to promote affiliate links in the best way? Following are a few ways you can boost and promote your affiliate links!

1.Affiliate Website Reviews

Like you are searching for affiliate marketing programs that you can join, you must also deeply understand that the companies you are promoting and the tools of products they offer. Use these tactics to write many honest and authentic reviews about the products which you are promoting. You must first focus on the keyword research and include the headings that best match the intent of searchers when you are researching the product you are promoting.

And also You should provide a piece of in-depth information on everything that the potential customer may be interested in. You can add things like the pros and cons of the product you are promoting, its other users who are happy with it, etc.

Affiliate product review example

2.Give Product Tutorials

To give product tutorials, you can add things like how this product can be used, how the potential consumers can order the product, the pros and cons of using this product, where this product can be found for sale, and also a few insider tips on this product. Creating in-depth tutorials of the products can bring your viewers a lot closer to how beneficial this product can be for them. 

You will be creating an in-depth video on how to use the product mainly. 

3.Affiliate Banners

Adding textual lines in your blogging content is great, but in addition to that, you can give links that are more like affiliate banners. You can put these clickable banners. These banners can be put anywhere on the website and can be placed on the blog’s sidebars, the header, or the footer of the website, embed in the website content, i.e., the blogs, and in the email marketing content.

 You will be able to get a lot of people clicking through your affiliate links once you put them in attractive formats or use some intriguing content to put them in.


affiliate banners to promote affiliate links

4.Automated Welcome Emails

Being an affiliate blogger or marketer, building a loyal following of people who will read your content is highly important to achieve long term success. Email marketing is a great advantage for driving more people to your website, managing the relationship with readers, and distributing your content on all platforms. Once readers have already subscribed to your blogs, you can send them automated welcome messages in emails.

 In this email message, you can use the affiliate links by sharing some relevant articles. Make sure you don’t get all spammy in the emails for these links.

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mailchimp and email marketing to promote affiliate links

6.Resources Or Tools Pages

To have a production of ongoing and passive income through the affiliate links you have, you will need to put yourself in an authority position. Or you can be a thought leader on various topics. Just as a part of your marketing strategy, start creating a Resource page over your website. You can highlight these on the top tools and the products recommended. On the part of the page, you can list and discuss the products you use regularly and recommend it. 

Make sure you don’t fake this. You should use the products authentically on the resource page you have and also love them as if your readers may also know the benefit of these items. 

8.Inside Digital Products

As you grow your online platforms and follow along, you may also begin creating and providing exclusive digital products that include eBooks and other online courses for your audience. Naturally, all these digital products may provide you perfect opportunities that will embed your affiliate links inside. Be sure that these links are in your content organically. The digital products should not feel like it is sales material, but instead are moments for readers to learn about a certain topic. 

9.Youtube Affiliate Links

You can get a strong platform for making people click through the links you have provided through youtube. You can first give a video tutorial of the products you are promoting and then link the product in your description or attach the links in the video. If your tutorial is in-depth and strong enough, you can make your readers click through the link and reach the product for buying.

D Entrepreneur tamil youtube channel affiliate link promotion

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These were a few top ways through which you can promote affiliate links through your online presence. Most people are making a good amount of passive income only by building a place where people would trust what they say, and hence they promote these affiliate links. You can choose any product you like for promotion, but it is suggested that you pick the ones you like. Whatever you say, this way will hold a sense of authenticity and truth, and people will believe what you say. 

Affiliate links should not always seem like a marketing tactic. It would help if you made sure that the products you are promoting are your own favorite and are also helpful for the readers you have. Your following must be demanding the products you are promoting; hence you should have a sound knowledge of your audience. These products must always be good for your online presence. You can promote the products that are higher paying and hence can generate strong revenue through them. 

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