How To Use Pinterest For Bloggers To Drive Tons Of Traffic?

How To Use Pinterest For Bloggers To Drive Tons Of Traffic?

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Blogging is a great way to let your thoughts and ideas reach your audience. You can attract many people by letting them know that you are posting something worth a while on your blogs. But how do you first let people know that you are posting good content? How can you attract a lot of traffic to your blog? Well, one of the very effective methods to use is Pinterest. Let’s find out how to use Pinterest for bloggers and attract the most traffic from this end. 

Pinterest drives a lot of traffic to websites as compared to Reddit, YouTube, Google Plus, and Linkedin combined! This data comes from recent research and is very authentic. So let’s find out how you can also use Pinterest to attract a lot of traffic. 

1. Choose the Best Blog posts to Pin

When you want people to be attracted to your posts, you will have to build up your Pinterest first. You do not need to pin all the blog posts on Pinterest. You will get great results if you selectively do the post pinning of your blog posts on the subjects that already have a great audience on Pinterest. This means you have to do a little research on Pinterest to look out if people are already pinning things on your blog post-related topics. It is easy to do this kind of research on Pinterest, and you don’t even need an account to begin. Pinterest has a search feature that lets you find one or more than one keyword throughout the site. For every search, Pinterest will show you the following

– Pins which have the search term in their description 

Boards which has the search terms in the title or its description 

People who have search terms in their profiles. 

For example, if someone is searching for a ” Gadgets” in the search bar,

Pinterest search bar for bloggers

The results could be something such as follows which have the search word in it,

A pin that has the search term in its title and/or description.

Pinterest search term in description for bloggers

Or the people’s profile with this search term.

Pinterest profile with search term

2. For every blog post, you are thinking to Pin

– In the search box, write a word or a phrase that perfectly fits the blog post topic. 

– Pinterest will show you a list of pins that contain the search terms in the pin description

– Pinterest shows you a list of boards that have the search terms you have made in the board name or the description 

– You should review the pins on each of these boards. 

Then make a list of all the search words and the most common words found in the pin’s descriptions. You should also use these terms in the pin description

3. Select or create the pin image

Choosing the right image for the blog post is the best decision you will make. A great image will encourage people to keep sharing your post. There isn’t any right or wrong choice for this case. You want an image that is eye-catching and is related to the blog post content. You want to attract people to click through the Pin, to have a visit to your blog. 

The best images must clearly define and identify the post content to Pinterest users. You can also reuse the older blog post images. You choose the images from blog posts as it conveys the actual idea of your post. 

However, if taken out of context, your image post may appear meaningless. Reusing the old blog post images may not provide enough information to explain the article’s content. If someone pins it again and changes the description of the image, its meaning is lost. 

Instead, you should use the blog post’s image as the background and then customize it with the contents or the name of the blog post. This will double the effectiveness of the blog post image. 

Or you can create a whole new image for the blog post pin. An effective and custom image will use the blog post’s title on a plain background. You must make sure that your images are available online. If you opt to customize the blog post image, you can upload it to the blog and note the web address of the image. 

4. Write the Pin Description

The pin description will appear under the pin image and also give information on the blog post. You must always write the pin description. Nobody else than you can write a better blog post description. Your description shows each time someone pins the post directly from the blog. However, every user on Pinterest can delete the description and write his or her description. When you are writing the pin description, you must write the blog post summary or an excerpt. In it, you must always tell people the benefit of reading ahead. Your pin description must:

– Tell people what they should expect from the blog post you are making 

what to expect pinterest pin

– Leave a bit of suspense or mystery so that people would want to read more 

how to start a blog

Include all of the search terms that are relevant to your blog post

Include search terms in your pins

While you may choose up to 500 characters, you must always try going for short. You may also add a web address and also use hashtags in the description. Hashtags are the search words that begin with a hash symbol. You can add #socialmedia in the description, and people will click through it instantly to find more pins having this search term. 

5. Add the Pin it Button to the Blog post

The best way to find the answer to How to use Pinterest for Bloggers is to use a pin it buttons to the blog posts which you have. This button will let the blog visitors easily pin the blog post you made. You give all of the pin description information when you are adding the button to the site. 

This way, the blog visitor can always click through the button and pin the post quickly and easily. Unlike many other social media sharing buttons, you should add the Pin It button individually to every blog post

These were a few ways you can use the answer to How to use Pinterest for Bloggers so that your blog posts get the most traffic. This way, you can let your words reach the most people out there in public.

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