How to Write An Engaging Blog?

How to Write An Engaging Blog?

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The word ‘Blog’ is a concise version of ‘Web log’. It is an informational web page consisting of smaller units called ‘posts’. An eminent feature of a Blog is , it is less shorter and formal than other type of writings. It can be academic, artistic, personal or professional.

A public blog allows you to have a large and diverse set of audience across the globe. It’s important that you are aware of addressing a huge chunk of people with wide and different knowledge and cultural assumptions than we have thought.Therefore, understanding how to write a blog and its fundamentals are really crucial. So, Let’s get to the Crux of the Elements Straight.

How to write a blog - connect boundaries and beyond through blogs

Think before you start

Before starting to write a Blog, keep in mind the Mantra – Purpose Is the key!
Hence, Jot down the answers for these important questions:

  • What is the blog about?
  • Why is it about?
  • How long should it be?
  • What emotion should be provoked, while reading it ?

Lead Gets them to Read:

The very first paragraph of your Blog post is called the Lead. Firstly, Getting a right lead, excites the reader to keep reading more. Here are some tips to keep your readers glued to the lead:

  • Have a Hook – It can be an intriguing Question or a Savage Punch line with a simple explanation to the context.
  • Follow a Clear & Simple Language as Mark Twain said “Don’t use a five-dollar word when a fifty-cent word will do.”
  • If you’re stuck use a ‘Stat or a Story’ – Facts and Fantasy always get people’s attention.
An Effective Alternate for you would be to try the inverted pyramid style where you put the most essential and exciting information at the start. Then start adding the details of the post like arguments, story, issues, evidence, background, etc.
How to write a blog - Inverted pyramid for blog

Narration kindles Interest and Connection:

Always bring in a human angle to your Blog, write in First Person, people develop connection with the post when it is addressed to them. Your personal story and style makes the readers interested than any fancy theoretical narration.

Support Elements

Include Evidences, Facts, Expert Opinions to your Blog to enhance it’s authenticity. Also, never shy away to give your opinions in your post, people with a similar mindset will consistently read your blog which gradually creates a permanent readers network. The personal touch to your blog is your signature.

Proof Reading

Proof Reading is one of the most forgotten yet mandatory process in Blogging. Simple spelling errors or important factual errors definitely disappoints your reader. Certainly, Your Credibility as a writer will be at risk and it can reduce your traffic.

Blogs and Multi-Media :

Unpopular yet True. Blogs are not just about Writing. An Advantage for Blogging in the digital world is , your blogs can always be supplemented with design, images, audio or video. In short, Make your Blogs Audio- Visually Attractive. If you’re wondering how to do it, here are some suggestions :

  • Have an appropriate Content size, style and font.
  • Choose high quality HD Images that compliments the content.
  • Use Hyperlinks, when connecting your readers to a different source.
  • Choose a well defined platform like WordPress to help you enhance your writings. Advanced platforms like WordPress, has an added advantage where you can link your blogs to similar blogs to attract more audience.
  • Use Tag Functions that subsequently guide your readers thematically throughout your Blog. Keep the tags consistent and relevant.

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The Readers Connect.

A Consistent Reader Base for a blog, is the goal for most bloggers. Firstly, to create one, you should be consistent in content and frequency of posting blogs. Understanding the pulse of readers based on the views in each post and gradually posting similar blogs helps you maintain the traffic.
An highly indispensable responsibility is your response to the comments of your blogs. Handle them with care. In short, as a blog’s Creator, keep in mind, your authenticity lies greatly in the way you handle comments.

Long story, short:
Clarity and Consistency bears your Blog’s success. Happy Blogging!

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