Learn Something New every day (Tools and Tips)

Learn Something New every day (Tools and Tips)

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Are you a person who thinks learning is just a student’s role?

If yes, maybe you have to think about it again.

Living in a world that is getting updated every day learning something new would probably be the only thing that never gets outdated. We had something to learn yesterday, have more to learn today, and will have even more tomorrow. So knowing we have a lot to explore, learning every day is a great thing to do.

If you are asking yourself,

  •              Why should I learn new things?
  •              How could I do that?
  •              Are there any tips that I can follow?

You will find your answers here in this article.

Why should you Learn a New Thing Every Day?

Why should you learn something new everyday

“Why” is an important question to be answered.

You won’t reach out your hands to touch fire. Because when you were a kid you were given a reason (that it will burn your hand) not to do so. So giving yourself reasons why you should learn new things every day would be a good way to get started. Here are some reasons,

  • When you learn more you will not fear facing new things which will make you a more confident person. So if people ask you to do something you have never done before, no shiver! You would at least have an idea of how to do it.
  • As you come across things you are not familiar with while learning it provokes you to think in a new way and you get creative along the journey of learning.
  • Learning is an amazing way to build your self-esteem. It changes the way you see yourself and makes you believe in yourself which becomes the foundation of your success and if you wanna become an entrepreneur, here are the Best Books every entrepreneur must read.
  • Every time you learn new things you get a bunch of new different perspectives which enhance your problem-solving skills. You would easily pick a suitable solution for your day-to-day problems as you have come through a lot of examples.
  • Whit the things listed above people see you as a dynamic person and will want to be like you. Surely you become inspiring to others, they will start to learn from you and respect you.
  • Whether about people or things you become more understanding. With the knowledge you have, it’s easy for you to understand how things work around you and to connect yourself with people by knowing what is common between you and them.
  • Learning every day exercises your brain very well by which learning becomes easy to you. At some point, your brain will be used to learning and you would be able to learn things fast.
  • When you are feeding your mind every day you will never run out of topic to speak about. You will look more interesting to others so people like you more. Isn’t that something we always work for?

How you could learn new things every day?

Hopefully, you got enough reasons why you should learn new things each day.

So next you have to know how could you do that. Let us break it into four simple steps for you to follow easily,

STEP 1: Make up your Mind

Make your mind to learn something new

We all would agree that everything starts with making up our minds. It might seem to be a trivial step but it’s way more important than you think. Unless you decide to do something you never going to start it in the first place.

So decide that you are going to learn something new every single day. Give yourself enough reasons as we discussed at the beginning. Tell yourself that you will become a better person along the way and will be learning stuff no matter what.

STEP 2: Fix your Time

Fix your time to learn new things

You are not supposed to leave everything you use to do in your day-to-day life just be you started to learn a new thing every day. All you have to do is to fix a proper and specific time to do it.

Choose a time that best suits you.

It must be the time you will be active enough. Could be morning/evening or It could be 30 minutes, 1 hour, even more hours per day. But make sure you choose the same hour of the day for the rest of the following days.

You can also utilize the interval time of your usual works to learn pieces of information. This may not be the same hour every day as suggested above but that is okay. You are learning anyway.

STEP 3: Know your Learning Style

We all are different and effective in our ways. You tend to do things better when you do it in your style. Here are the possible learning methods,

  1. Reading text
  2. Listening audio
  3. Watching video
Know your learning style

Some of you could remember things better if you read them, others could remember well if they hear it, some others could keep things in mind if they see visuals. Know which is your style of learning, choose and practice it.

Here are few methods to identify your learning style,

  • Try all the three methods at least once
  • Think about which one you enjoy doing.
  • Think about which of these you can do for a longer time than the others.
  • Think about something you learned recently, was that a piece of text, or a voice in your mind, or a scene that you remember. That’s it you got it!

STEP 4: Pick tools/sources that suit you

Tools to learn new things everyday

Now you know what is your style of learning. It’s time to choose your tools. We have immense sources than ever before these days. But here are a few tools/sources for each method of learning,

  • If reading is your style of learning,
  • Reading featured articles on Wikipedia would be a great idea. However, any google article that suits your interests and provides valid information is good as well.
  • The next best way to be considered is reading books, it could be an ebook or paperback choose what you prefer.
  • If you don’t have enough time to read a non-fiction book, you can use an app called Blinkist which provides a summary of thousands of books for a quick read.
  • If listening is your style of learning,
  • One of the well-known sources these days is podcasts. It a place where you will get a lot of knowledge shared as audios.
  • You can listen to TED talks. Which is an excellent platform where people from a different and wide range of specialization share their knowledge.
  • Another tool you could use is audiobooks. There are many available out there and you could Choose the one which you like to listen to.
  • If watching video is your style of learning,
  • The best and super cool source we all know is YouTube. There are numbers of YouTubers out there who create valuable, interesting and informative content. You can make use of them.
  • You can also watch movies that deliver quality content based on your interests.

Tips to Learn new things Every Day

Tips to learn new things
  • Have a clear plan of what you are going to learn for the next 30-day with the article, audio, or video links Or name of the books, etc., in a spreadsheet.
  • As a beginner try to focus on one specific topic or one specific field per day.
  • Have a conversation with people who are interested in the area that you are learning.
  • Turn off your social media notifications to avoid distractions
  • Try to share a glimpse of what you have learned in your social media stories every single day which is also a kind of motivation you create for yourself.

Now you know why should you learn new things every single day, how to do it, and useful tips. What are you waiting for? Go ahead! Use what you read here. Start learning now!!

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