Print On Demand or Dropshipping – Which is better?

Print On Demand or Dropshipping – Which is better?

Are you looking forward to starting a business where you sell but not invest as much? Print on Demand or Dropshipping may work for you. But which of them is right, to begin with? We will compare the two and assess which of these you should start working with to get the maximum benefit out of these. Many drop shippers fall in the two categories mentioned above, i.e., print on demand or dropshipping.

The first one is when you sell your designs on T-shirts, mugs, and phone cases. At the same time, Dropshipping lets you choose from millions of available products to sell. In both cases, the supplier starts shipping the products on your behalf directly to your customers. 

Through the following review of both these methods, you will be able to know which of them works for you. Let’s get introduced to both and find out their actual definitions. 


POD stands for the term Print on Demand. It is when you are selling your custom designs on many different kinds of products. POD products include hoodies, T-shirts, books, and many other such items. This business is just like many other business models. It has its own pros and cons which will be discussed further. 

What are a few best-selling POD products?

POD products are very popular for a ton of reasons. Customers can buy a single product from a store for using it by themselves. Based on the store you have, you may entice the customers to purchase more than a single thing. Profiling the customer’s personality correctly and then creating the designs that resonate with them can lead to the customers purchasing a lot of items from you on a certain period of time. These are the loyal customers who can then act as your influences and help others purchase from you. 

Popular POD products include the following:

– Mugs 

– Towels 

– Phone covers

– Stationary 

– Bags 

– Prints

– Stickers 

– Notebooks 

– Hoodies 

– T-shirts 

Printify -Print on Demand or Dropshipping


In POD, there are a couple of advantages for artists and graphic designers. A few of them are as follows:

You will have to sell your own custom products

It can be a great feeling to have people buy a product that you wholly designed. Most POD suppliers let you design your clothing, such as T-shirt printing, leggings, and dresses. They may also have products such as tote bags, phone cases, and canvas. Not only this but POD books are also existent. If you are a graphic designer or someone who has a creative touch, designing your very own products may be a super fun experience. 

You may be able to do the custom packaging 

While many of the POD suppliers won’t allow you to design your boxes or add the marketing inserts into the packages, a few will allow you in this case. They will let you add your logo on a sticker or a receipt of the package. This may help you to build your POD business. 


Dropshipping is the business that acts as a product curator, which selects the best products to market in front of the customers. Remember, marketing costs you incur in time and money, assisting potential customers in looking out, evaluating, and then buying the right product. You will also need to include the cost of giving customer support whenever there is a shipping or a product issue. And lastly, the original price that the supplier is selling the product for.  

With all of these costs to look out for, dropshipping businesses mark up the single products in an exchange of distribution. This is why the suppliers are okay to have drop shippers market the products for them. The dropshipping stores bring on the additional sales which the supplier might just miss out on. If you want to profit with the dropshipping business, you must know how much it will cost you to have customers and price the products having that in mind. 

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Dropshipping is just an ideal business model for new businessmen. A few of its benefits are as follows:

Easier to predict which items are the best sellers:

This is just the best and main reason why most people are in the business of dropshipping. In this, you can easily find out the best products depending on the seller ratings, volume, and customer reviews. Not only that you can also use various advanced tools like sell the trend to find out hot & winning products. It gets a lot easier to pick the products that are easily sold and are high in demand.

Sell The Trend

Millions of products to pick from:

There is a huge diversity in products that you may find in dropshipping. You can find every product’s market and pick the ones that appeal to you the most. If you want to create a general store that stores everything in it then dropshipping is how you can find anything and everything. 

And also there are few suppliers who provide you with custom packaging options with your brand name on boxes/scotch tape / etc… If you are starting out, I would recommend Eprolo which is a great alternative for Aliexpress with various shipping options. I mostly use YANWEN Express Shipping which is not only cost-efficient but also provides a faster shipping time compared to e-packet.

Higher Profit Margin:

This is one of the major advantages of Dropshipping. You can set the selling price 3X the Cost price of the product whereas in Print On Demand the profit will be approximately 10$ on most items! Of course, you can charge higher once your brand is recognized but until then you will have a lower profit margin.

Profit Margin - Dropshipping or Print On Demand


There are many defining differences between POD and dropshipping, but they have a lot in common as well. A few similarities are as follows:

– They both involve the process of dropshipping. None of the bulk inventory to be carried. The supplier packages and also ships these products out directly to the customer you have. 

– The order processing is mostly in automation. When the customer places the order, all that you have to do is click a button to forward the customer product details to the supplier. 

– A POD business and the dropshipping business are both low-risk models of business. You don’t require to purchase an inventory and only have to pay once a customer has placed the order at your store. 

– Both of these need a similar skill set to acquire great results. The POD business needs a strong graphic skillset too. Or else you can hire a graphic designer from Fiverr to create professional designs

– Both of these need marketing, advertising skills, and customer service

So which of these methods look ideal to you? Comment down Below!

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  1. Kav

    Hi – My query is regarding Dropshipping using shopify. I saw ur video and created my own store. spent almost 20k for ads still no purchase happened. could you tell me if this is because Dropshipping for US is not possible with indian paypal account? Becuase when I tried to purchase, it did not work as well.


    1. D Entrepreneur

      Hey. It’s definitely possible, if you cannot receive payments then please contact PayPal. And please check every page of your site including the payment gateways before running ads.

  2. Ramana

    HI , POD , Please suggest any Indian website where we can do customize design in t shirt, mug etc and sell in Indian rupee, T-Spring is in $, i want to sell in Indian market , like T-Spring suggest Indian trusted website to sell our own designed products in Indian rupees …

    1. D Entrepreneur

      Hey! You can try qikink if you are interested to sell in India

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