SEO For Beginners ( Learn The Art Of SEO 2021! )

SEO For Beginners ( Learn The Art Of SEO 2021! )

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What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization that is a digital marketing technique that focuses on your website’s presence in search results generated on search engines such as Google. Through SEO for beginners, you can understand SEO’s working and use various tactics to make sure you boost your visibility on search results. 

The process of SEO works at a slow pace, and everything grows with time. You have to show patience and dedication with the process so that the best results can be achieved over time. The ranking on search results does not immediately go up unless you publish paid ads on Google. You have to wait and see how SEO brings your website higher in rankings without a penny spent!

So let us begin!

1.Look for top keywords

To rank in search results, you will have to know what is in demand in your niche. What people are searching for are the keywords you should know. You can find keyword ideas even from what people are questioning online. You can try different areas from where extracting out top questions for keywords will be easy. These areas include Reddit, Answer The Public, QuestionDB.

Along with this option, you can also use tools to generate keyword ideas. Google Keyword Planner is one of the most used keywords research tool as it gives good keyword ideas. While finding keywords, you can benefit from using the ones that are trending but are untapped. 

2.Now is the time to choose high-value keywords

At the second step of SEO for beginners 2021, you must list highly relatable and trending keywords for your niche. But now, you have to pick a keyword that is just perfect for you. A few steps can help you pick a great keyword that includes listing them based on the difficulty level. You can use different tools to find out the keywords that are most to least difficult. Focus on the ones that have Higher CPC. Targeting higher Cost Per Click keywords will bring your content to people who are thinking of buying from you.  

The high and low CPC is highly dependent on the niche that it is being used in. 

Make sure you are not choosing a highly abandoned keyword, and if you are new, then don’t choose keywords of the highest search volume. You don’t want to disappear in a place full of traffic and not even want to enter a place that has no traffic at all. Staying somewhere in between will start a consistent flow of traffic for you. 

search engine optimization, SEO for Beginners

3.Always post the content that people are looking for

Having all the right SEO techniques applied to your content and not posting what people are looking for maybe a loss. They won’t come to your website for something that doesn’t interest them. Always focus your content on the keywords that you have picked through previous steps. 

Post content that is intriguing, informational, and fun to read as it will help you rank in Google. Try making your content better than what is already out there.

4.Optimize your content

This step will make sure that your content is easy and consumable for people. Your titles, subheadings, descriptions, etc., will make people first click into your content and then stay in it to read it whole. Right an intriguing, standing-out title, make sure you keep your readers hooked right from the start, use a clear, readable font, and break your content into smaller sections.

5.Now its the time for on-page SEO

When you have written your content based on your niche’s top keywords, you should make your content rich with SEO techniques. 

– Start by adding your keyword in the first 100 words of your content 

– Then keep adding it at other parts of the content as well

– Make sure you add your keyword as many times as it suits best with the length of your content.

– Don’t make it too much saturated with keywords as well. 

– While you do so, don’t forget to keep the readability factor in your content maintained as well. 

– Your URL should also have the main keyword. 

– Also, use some related keywords in your content to be highly related to the main one. 

– Add internal and external links to your content.

Use an onPage SEO analyzer to find out if you have missed anything while doing on-page SEO.

6.Promote your content

Promoting your content is still a very undertreated section of the whole SEO process. Many people only keep believing in the publish and pray way of doing SEO. Just hoping that people will reach your content and share it isn’t the approach you should go for.

Share on Social Media - SEO for beginners

– You should promote your published content on social media

– Find people who will promote your content because they are interested in it and send them your new content

– Use the email marketing strategy that would let people know when you have made a new post

7.Back links and more BACKLINKS

You have already promoted your content in the previous SEO for beginners 2021 step list, and hence a few people have shared your content. And now, when your content has become credible, you can start building backlinks. Backlinks are the links that are coming from a page on a website to another one. When you link to some other website, they will have a backlink coming from you.

Backlinks - SEO for beginners

8.Keep monitoring your posts and improve SEO where needed

Using these steps of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for beginners will, fortunately, be bringing you some traffic, and a few of your posts will be going quite high. Monitor those doing good in search results and keep updating those that aren’t doing well.

These were a few basic steps that must be following in the SEO for beginners 2021 process. These steps will help you gain the spotlight you are looking for while you are just a beginner.

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