The Unspoken Must know Truths of Great Blogging

The Unspoken Must know Truths of Great Blogging

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Ever wondered what’s on the mind of bloggers, that they most often don’t express and why? This post will throw light on the questions you have. When connecting to thousands and millions of people across the globe, and trying to take up Blogging as a career, has its own peaks and edges.


Firstly, there’s a common mindset for people, that being a blogger is a haul to make money online easily. But the fact is, they don’t get the amount of commitment and consistent effort that goes into it. Everyone wants to be a blogger until they understand, it has real-time unexpected challenges that has to be tackled on a daily basis. In other words, A blogger is not just a Blogger, but a thinker, reader, writer, interpreter, researcher, and what not. Therefore, taking up blogging to a live a life is/will never be a cakewalk, if you’re not ready to give up on certain so-called ‘worldly pleasures’ , though it sounds unappealing, that’s the truth. So, the next time when someone talks about making money through blogging by just spending a couple of hours, a day and going on frequent vacations, do not fall for the fancy promotions.

Taking up blogging as a career demands you to live and breath your blog, especially in the initial stages. The attitude of not giving up on commitment and consistency are the only ways to run a successful blog. Adding on, running a successful and engaging blog has the necessity to have a purpose and game plan, on its own. Check the link, to know how to write an engaging blog


Ask yourself, why do you want to be a blogger in the first place? If your answer is around connecting to global audience , understanding people’s perspectives or to voice out your opinion and have healthy conversation with a diverse set of people and simultaneously making money. Then, there’s one key point you should pay more attention to, that is, the traction or traffic for your blogs. Understand the fact that not all blog posts attracts same set or amount of audience. Having a track of which are your ‘HIT’ posts, will help you guess, what the audience are expecting from your blogs. Starting to post contents on the same genre, helps you take a huge leap in attracting, a bunch of like minded audience.   But, if you ask me for an alternate that’s more effective in understanding the audience, my answer will  be a Huge YES!!

Interaction is the key in Blogging

The most effective and beneficial way to understand your audience is to interact with them. Talk to as many people as possible, have healthy conversations. Yes, you have a question. How do I do it? What if I say you to Go out on a door- to -door conversation or feedback. I know, it sounds weird. You actually don’t have to do it, but can do it ! All that you ever want to do is understand the strategies of E-mail Marketing and the simple steps to begin, by checking out this post


Another, unpopular and unheard fact about audience is that understanding and accepting that not the entire audience base is always going to do what’s on your blog or buy anything you recommend. Every single person in your audience base is important yet not everyone can be pleased, ever. So, do not try to cater to everybody.
Your own style and consistency will definitely earn you a set of audience who will read your blogs or mails regularly and will look forward for it. Those are your asset for the blogging business you’re working hard for. Never, disappoint them. In order to do that, the key is INTERACTION.


You have pocketed your Red coin, that is, all set for blogging and you have the mindset and the attitude that blogging demands. But, to make the red coin yours, you need a follow up coin and that’s the NICHE you choose. You might be interested in a particular genre of Niche, but not every niche can bring the outcome you expect, may it either be the traffic you expect or the money you make from it.

A smart way to resolve it , is to select the right Niche. Honestly, a right niche, when approached in a right way can take you closer to your dreams and your consistent effort can make it come true. So focus on simple and crisp content with a perfect Niche, that helps your readers to solve their problem statement. Once you start giving realistic satisfaction of problem-solving to your audience, You’re all set for the best blogging venture ahead.


Space for Blogging

The personal space of a blogger will be calm, self sufficient but at times, it can get you feeling alone. Imagine, staying up day and night, writing blogs, up skilling yourself, working on your blogging sites all by yourself. Might sound a little worrying, right! This can still be tackled.

The best possible solution is your ability to make connections remotely with other bloggers and audience. Connecting with other bloggers, gives you a sense of being in a team. Sharing the same mind space is much needed when you decide to take up, blogging as a career. You’ll be opened to new perspectives , learning every now and then and unlearn something everyday that paves way for greater heights both personally and professionally. Then, the connect with audience will be a such a blissful experience. When you start realizing that you’re being recognized, appreciated and being given genuine feedback for the work you love to do. 

Summing up, this whole blog, I’d love to say, being a blogger can be challenging and tiring at times. But when you start experiencing the progress, the whole journey will be all worth it.

Happy Blogging!

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